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Water earcharms

Water earcharms

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Water popularly represents life. It can be associated with fertility, the birth and essence of all creation.  However, water can also be destructive, eroding, cleansing, and fluid - a constant state of flux.  

Water signs in the zodiac are represented by emotion, and intuition. Our water siblings of  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are often described as semi-psychic with the ability to dive into the dream world of the unconscious. 

Our water earcharms are a simple design with the motif of dot work - dots are a symbol of a molecule for us. Inspired by the binding and building in all of us and what is around us. The seen, the unseen and the forgotten mysteries.

They will help you in finding the greatest of inspirations from the things we take for granted - the everyday. 

Earcharms and hooks are both sterling silver. 

Every piece of jewellery from Wander Scout is designed and made in our home studio in Newcastle. Please allow a SIX to EIGHT week wait on your purchase as we make each piece directly for you. 

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