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Johari Earcharms

Johari Earcharms

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The Johari portal earcharms have been created in the essence of the concept of the Johari window

The Johari Window is a framework for understanding conscious and unconscious bias that can help increase self-awareness and our understanding of others.

It is composed of four quadrants in which people using the framework can identify what they know about themselves and what other people know about them.

This results in four areas of understanding:

  • Open area: Anything you know about yourself and are willing to share with others
  • Blind area: Anything you do not know about yourself, but that others have become aware of
  • Hidden area: Anything you know about yourself and are not willing to share with others
  • Unknown area: Any aspect unknown to you or anyone else


these Earcharms will come on sterling silver or gold filled kidney earwires and are made to order with a 6-10 week waits 

thank you for supporting handcrafted slow made! 



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