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Hydrus coin

Hydrus coin

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Redefining the beast in 2022.

I have decided to name this coin Hydrus as the creature i formed in silver i have been told reminds others also of river systems. A Hydra is the name of a serpent or draco that is water bound. 

I particularly love this design as i see it as very open for personal interpretation.  

The dragon is a mythical beast that has enchanted me my entire life. 🐉
Eternal, wise, fierce and beautiful.
I have always prayed for them to be real, that one day I’ll hike a forgotten mountain and feel it’s breath crack open the rocks.
And now I wonder / that perhaps, the dragon I was searching for was me all along.


Every piece of jewellery from Wander Scout is designed and made in our home studio in Newcastle. Please allow a SIX to EIGHT week wait on your purchase as we make each piece directly for you. 

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