Ezrahel - death bearer. 

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Ezrahel - death bearer. 

Death, a tarot card often misconstrued. 

It is a reminder and sign for spiritual transformation, new beginnings, letting go, change, transition,  or sudden upheaval.

Ezrahel is here for your rebirth. Holding the pheonix skull at her crown (made of brass) she is the invitation for you to rise from the ashes, or to let you know it's safe to burn it all. Begin again. Traverse the darker landscapes of your psyche to discover your strengths. 

With labradorite at her heart for big manifestation energy, and droplets of moonstone scattered throughout for lighter energies generated and cultivating new growth for you. 

All pendants come on copper chain and is reccomended to be worn in safe environments or used as a sacred totem in your life. 

Is 100% waterproof and will not be refunded for damages caused by rough play. X