Esteral - Earth and alchemy

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Esteral - Earth and alchemy 

Queen of the earthly realm, with labradorite fluorite and a copper plated fern picked from my local national Park. Esteral represents the smell of moss under bare feet, peripheral visionary and whisperer to Gaia. A grounded, potent guardian with bumblebee Jasper in her heart space. 

This type of Jasper is said to be particularly connected with an earthy, grounding and embodies the  powerful energy of the volcano from which it was born in West Java.  It is said to assist the impossible to manifest into your reality. 


Largest of all three available pendants


All pendants come on copper chain and is reccomended to be worn in safe environments or used as a sacred totem in your life. 

Is 100% waterproof and will not be refunded for damages caused by rough play. X