Earth Atmän ring

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Size small (6.5 / 7.5)

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Sterling silver 

Earth is commonly seen as feminine, our great mother. She is nourishment, fertility, infinite creativity, limitless growth and the accomadator of all elements. When juxtaposed with HEAVEN, earth represents matter, while heaven stands for spirit. Earth can be the ground, stability, strong boundaries and a foundation for life and for the structures of human and of nature. 


Earth is our root chakra, our home. It represents growth, stability, and support. Cultivating the earth in your practice is about establishing your foundation, just as our earthly zodiac family the Virgo, Taurus and capircorn do so well. 


Our earth charms are for stability for those of us that love to take flight. A reminder of our centre, for grounding our feet in the material realm and to love our time within it