Air earcharms RTS

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Air along with fire is considered active and masculine in nature. It is light, mobile, adaptable. Being the life force which we breathe, it is essential to all things living and can be thought of as THE primary element. The Greek spiro means "breath," from this we get "inspiration", as if the gods were filling us with the divine breath. Also connected with the storms and the wind (creation) it is seen as a medium for movement and change. Air and scent can evoke memory and it is generally associated with good communication and innovation.

The Air Signs of the zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, the curious, intellectually stimulated and creative zodiacs.

Our AIR earcharms are the simplest of all the designs with the motif of SPACE. - no strong detailing can be found on these sprites, and are a great choice if wanting an everyday pair of sprites. They are a reminder of your innate creative force, to spread your wings and soar and to exhale mindfully and greatfully... They will help you in finding the greatest of inspirations from the things we take for granted.


Earcharms and hooks are both sterling silver. 

Every piece of jewellery from Wander Scout is designed and made in our home studio in Newcastle. Please allow a SIX to EIGHT week wait on your purchase as we make each piece directly for you.