Mads is a jeweller that does things a little differently. She is exploring uncharted terrains in the jeweller community here in Australia. By sourcing out of the box modalities to work with. 
Her works are a blend of original designs and intuitive experiments. Which equal to unique wearable artworks.
Wander Scout focuses on small business sustainability, collaboration and bringing affordable high quality artisan jewellery to our community.
Contrasted to other traditional Jewellers, Mads uses a modality called PMC. She builds her works out of recycled clay that is mixed with crushed fine metals which is then fired in a kiln at high temperatures. 
This material has been lost within the jeweller's community, making Mads' work unforgettably unique. 
no wax, moulds, or castings 
Wander Scout is the expressed form of Mads' ecology, and aquarian nature.
She is building a career based in Arts psychotherapy. It is something that she will continue to study and practice post being a full time mother to her first born, Aurelius. 
Having the ability to hold space and explore our oscillating psyches and processes of being human, is exhibited in her works. She places emphasis on the transpersonal nature and symbolism  within the everyday and her quality handcrafted works.   Allowing the wearer to find their own deeper meanings.
These curiosities are a pillar Wander Scout and it is essential to allow space in her creations to be reflective of this.  
Wander Scout is a deep passion and cornerstone of her creative practice, and creates the opportunity to exchange, skill share and collaborate with others in a myriad of ways.  
If you have words to share. Please do!