Wander Scout focuses on small business sustainability, collaboration and bringing affordable high quality artisan jewellery to our community.
Mads is silversmith, Arts Pyschotherapist and mother living, loving and working  on Wonnarua lands, the Hunter Valley NSW
Contrasted to other traditional Jewellers, Maddy uses a modality called PMC. She builds her works out of recycled clay that is mixed with crushed fine metals which is then fired in her home studio -  an untraditional way of crafting, making Maddy's work unforgettably unique. 
 Wander Scout is the expressed form of her ecology, and Aquarian nature.  Her works are original designs born from intuitive flow.
 She places emphasis on the transpersonal nature and symbolism held within the everyday. Allowing the wearer to find their own deeper meanings as they traverse their own rites of passage.
Maddy is a full time mother and dancing with two under two. Her children Aurelius and Edith are her priority and its why there is a longer wait time on ALL orders. - please read more about this on our home page. 
Wander Scout creates the opportunity to exchange, skill share and collaborate with others in a myriad of ways.