A big hello to you,

 I'm Mads, 22 years old, Australian and the one woman show behind Wander Scout. Recently moved to Newcastle, NSW. 

Here at Wander Scout, we focus on small business sustainability process , and bringing affordable intentional artisan jewellery in the modalities of clay, copper and silver that hold personal stories to our tribe. 

The manifestations of Wander Scout were birthed on the floor of an European Airport while I waited for my flight in early 2017.  The clay goddess works began in a tiny German apartment. My fingers working for hours  of the day coming up with the first ever Scout designs and little heart bursts of creativity. 
Now we are here. In Aus. Three and a half years later.  Full of life, excited for all the possibilities and rooting into home soils.  
If you've been following our insty recently, you will have noticed that I've been experimenting with new mediums and is something I will be diving deeper into.
You'll also notice that  i am growing a tiny Scout human ! The first of its kind. I am a human incubator and so thrilled to be on this mother to maiden journey. 
Wander Scout is a deep passion of mine and a cornerstone of my daily life, artistic expression and my way of sharing imagination, amulets and magic with the world. It is so heart warming to receive photos, messages and love from you all over the past years. Those of you that also resonate in the same tune.  To be able to interact and have these exchanges is one of my favourite experiences of sharing Wander Scout.   
I dove deep in 2018 learning shadows aspects of self, the unknown, the juicy mysterious stuff. Which all of this expands into you and my loved ones, our environment, the universe and all the intangible bits in between - And completed my Dip. of Arts Psychotherapy.  I also have a Dip. of Fine Arts. 

So, how does this relate to my work? 

Wander Scout embodies my desires to continually grow in creative avenues, allow openness for others to manifest, a space to play, to be vulnerable, to be silly and to be able to continue in loving deeply. I see it as an expression of my own ecology, environment and imaginings that can come to life and resonate with others on a soul fulfilling level. 
Our works are a blend of original designs and intuitive expression.
This is a platform to let my
ossible markets, or to learn a little more about the intentions behind my work.