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!!!! PLEASE READ !!!!!

This is for CUSTOM designs only

I have 6 spaces available this month for custom work. 

The price designated is for designs similar to the designs currently available in the gate keeper series. 

If any additional (major) work changes,  expensive custom stones, or substantial additional time is needed on the work - extra costs will be spoken of with the customer. 



+ When going through the checkout you will find a NOTES section. In this section please add your dream design - please include colours, theme, elements etc you want - you can have a look on our IG page for extra inspiration from old designs. Also add a  story of intention, your Instagram handle or a bit about yourself (so I can get a feel of YOU) and any extra needed bits!

+ When I begin designing your own work I will contact you via email to confirm the elements which are available and if any additional costs etc will be needed to make your dreams come true. We will have a chat and confirm on a design. 

+Once the design is completed- I will get in touch before it had been fired so any small changes can be corrected if needed. Again, a conversation will be had at this point

+ It will take me 1-6 weeks depending on the demand I have on these custom listings. So please keep this in mind. If you desperately need it sooner rather than later let me know in the notes 🐱 🤍


+REFUNDS WILL NOT BE MADE POSSIBLE AT ALL-  IF THE DESIGN ISNT LIKED ETC.YOU ARE WORKING WITH AN ARTIST AND THAT NEEDS TO BE RESPECTED AND UNDERSTOOD THAT IT WILL NEVER BE PERFECT + I work mainly from an intuitive space. Your words will direct me to a degree but my intuition and my creative genius is ALWAYS who captain's this ship.