VERO. collaboration and conversation.

Recently we have teamed up with the wondrous Verocoya. A twin flame in the world of spirit faces and dreamy aesthetic. Vero and I found each other through the world of Instagram and the love exploded, a friendship across the seas formed and phenomenal collaborations had. 

Vero weaves dream like scenarios, her hand is intuitive and playful as she expresses her being into paint, skin and ink, and recently - digital drawing.



You can find prints and stickers of her art via her shop.


During our collaboration I asked Vero a few questions about herself, her work and her dreams. 



Describe yourself in 5 words.

:: bright-eyed, dream-filled, snuggly, warm, wise

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given/ or have heard?
:: let songs flow through you like prayers that need to be heard, not like a performance that you have to perfect.

Who are your biggest artistic influences. ethereal, environmental, physical, humanoid or otherwise?

:: plants, psychedelic experiences, my friends and their art, patterns, earth, being in love, symmetry and form + the incessant impulse/need in aiming to translate the ethereal into visual language

How has your practice change over time?

:: the practice grows as I do, alongside, intrinsic - as I evolves it mirrors (or leads the way...). as I refine my tastes, influences + sense of being; the creations find their best expressions. Recently, stepping into a digital medium has allowed me to outpour visions from my mind with a seamlessness that my analog hand struggled to achieve. It also then allows me to come back to physical practice like painting with more appreciation and ease of execution.

What is your dream project?

:: a tarot/oracle deck, a music festival stage installation

Name something you love, and why.

:: vulnerability, because it is one our truly most human forms. Witnessing others/being witnessed in vulnerable moments allows us to really empathize and understand each other. It is also the only way to truly share our gifts. Our love. Our worries. Our fears. Our wisdom. Our compassion.

Name something you don’t love, and why.

:: lying, to ourselves or others - because it perpetuates toxic cycles of illusion, pain, destruction, cowardice, cohesion, manipulation and is simply one of the most dishonourable human traits.

What would your dream Scout creation look like?

:: ooooh.. pressed native flowers and faces, jewel encrusted silver spirit faces, powerful intentional alter pieces, any and all the scout things! Mads hand makes my heart swooon...

For the relaunch of Wander Scout post baby and the rebirthing of us, as a maker and mother I desired some serious levelling up. I reached out to Vero to redo our logo in her visionary style. The results.... are everything and more. 

More colours and variations of our logo that Vero Designed will be shared throughout our time... Keep your eyes peeled for some funkadelic interpretations of our "as above, so Below" alchemical logo.

If you have been looking for a digital artist for branding, new art for your walls, a tattooing experience or a humble and ever inspiring human to witness unfold get in touch with Vero