Meet Mark (aka as Doople)

This is Mark, the man the myth the I don’t care of social media marvel. This is my love. 
4 years going on a life time together.
Our story is filled with many things, like deportation stories, birth control catastrophes, love letter hunts around the old city we lived, volunteering festivals, coffee drinking, making and serving and love sick discussions. But it’s also just a humble relationship, filled with the mundane things of life and sweet love lullabies. 
We play (like children) ... a lot. Probably more then Mark wants to. We eat good food, and try to do things right. He is a musician, I am the artist and the living space is divided into these sections.
We have lived together now for almost a year ( yes we didn’t move into a home together until 3 years in ) in the Forrest of the northern rivers NSW.  It pretty much the best place ever.
And I’m inviting Mark today to answer a few questions so you guys get to know a little bit more about the sloth spirit man I live with and love deeply. 
 What did you dream about last night?
I dreamt I was in a firefighting brigade and we we're having a competition with another fire fighting team. The other team organised and used strategy to fight the blaze and when it was our turn we used a giant fuckoff hose to just drench the fire. The people in charge got angry at us for using such a shitty method and not thinking about the problem. Then I was walking through a mall with you and picked up a really old Will Smith video game that I’d forgotten about. I showed it to you saying that without knowing it I dreamed the environment from this game often - the town that the game was set in. I spent a bit of time in that location and realised that this is where I fought the fire before. When waking I realised the town was basically Wingham.
What is your favourite part of living together?

I dunno, that’s a hard question to answer. I like sleeping in the same bed. That’s really comforting. I think my favourite is the constant silly conversation.
And what is your not so favourite part?
The lack of garlic.
If you could only describe me in three words what would they be?
 Compassionate, Emotional, Creative.

What are three things you can’t live without?
Air, food and water.
What’s your favourite story you like to tell?
I’m not so big on stories. I’m not sure I have a favourite and I don’t really have any close shaves or hyper unreal moments in my life that make good stories. Maybe silly share house stories because they’re fun and absurd.
Where do you want to be in the next five years?
Hopefully around the mid north coast with a degree, a career and a family.
What’s your top three albums you recommend to people?
It’s hard recommending albums to an unspecified other.
Generally it’s Hosanna Mantra by Popol Vuh,
Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd and
F# A# Infinity by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
If you could go back in time to any moment, what moment would you go to and why?

Probably London in 1965 because the next five years would have been absolutely crazy to experience. Plus I could invent disco music 10 years early and freak everyone out.
Where can we find your music?
Well you can’t fine my music but the band I’m in has a soundcloud.  (the link is below!)