Last Full Moon of 2018 - INTENTIONS

Last Full Moon of 2018 - INTENTIONS




Ive learnt a lot this year,

I've been through a hurricane of processes,

I've fallen down, I've fallen in love with the same man again and again, ( 4 years !!) 

I have witnessed death, I have lost, and grieved, I have bonded,

I have developed ( so fucking much) i have stayed grounded,

I have grown in my relationships, communication, emotional balancing

I have taken on experiences, i haven't held back, i have worked fucking hard, for my business, for my relationships, for my home.

I have self reflected, I have found self love, and grounded spirituality. I dont think i have ever learnt so much, consciously grown so much and been so self responsible ever in my entire life. 

I thank this year, and all it has brought, the devastation, the beautiful home, the unfurling of what death can launch you into. 

i thank all of you for your INCREDIBLE support this year. I wouldn't have made it without you. This website would not have been birthed. 

I thank the moon for showing me my cycles, I thank the ones that love me, for loving me. I thank that i have found my playful and authentic self again this year. unafraid of what others may think. 

I have learnt how to commit to myself, my self love, my self respect, my self responsibility and that i have myself held. 

I thank medicine for showing me my ancient roots.  Showing me my guides, opening doors i didn't believe existed.  

I am ready, arms open for 2019. I am ready to launch with this moon into a year of success, prosperity, deep learnings, growth, and shedding, not just for me but for the conscious collective i surround myself with. 

FUCK YES - to this year, and I am ready for the next.

I am setting my intention for 2019 - 

  • to FEEL GOOD - mind, body and soul - To not allow those that harm me, those that feel icky to come into my life. this includes substances, foods, people, places, and to LISTEN to my INTUITION. 
  • to WORK HARD - for my personal growth, to stay conscious of self, and my actions and thoughts. and for Wander Scout - for growth of my passion project and income, to manifest profit and interaction with the world. 
  • Get my license - this is booked on the 3rd of Jan! Send me good vibes!!! 
  • To FEEL LOVE - to NOTICE the love around me, to shower myself with love, to shower others with it also. to be grateful for the INCREDIBLE people that are around me and the community i am within. 
  • to HAVE FUN  - to grow more into knowing it is okay to laugh and play and to let my hair down, not only with those i trust already but as a method to gain trust and friendships with others too.... I know i can get to serious sometimes. 
  • To STUDY hard - this uni degree is another academic passion project - something i am so excited to dive into again. Second year, here i come! 
  • To Travel - to spread my wings and explore some new places, faces and beautiful things on this planet a little bit more. Tassie trip... Bali???? 
  • to BE GRATEFUL - to hold gratitude for myself, for everything i have, and everyone i love, for everything that I am. For the earth, for my position to be able to share my arts, passions and hearts with all of you. 

What are your goals this beautiful full moon in cancer ? 

Remember to stay nourished, stay true to you, breathe deep and feel your feet on the earth. 

We are blessed to have 13 full moons this year instead of 12, feel her power.



Over and out. 

Mads. xxx 





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