Hey were pregnant! and here’s a list of resources we are using.

In no way do i claim to have proficient, or professional advice. Though i have been asked to share some of my favourite resources i have discovered, been shown,  and shared so far on our journey.


I will continue to update this list as new resources come to me throughout our journey.


Because Marky and I consciously made this decision. We have been on this journey for a lot longer then just the pregnancy. There was over four months of us trying to become human creators and years of healthy habits, as a couple and as individuals.

During these four months Mark was seeing a TCM, [Traditional Chinese Medicine] Practitioner quiet regularly to get his Auto immune disease and its symptoms. i.e. fatigue, his kidneys balanced and inflammation in check. As well as priming his 'Jing'. [ Known in TCM as our material body, cellular density, energy stores, our reproductive potential, our DNA and our seed.... crucial for baby making and is stored in the kidneys} 

The year before conception we have been strict Keto, no grains, no carbs, no sugars, no alcohol, no drugs  to assist in healing Marks body. If you weren’t aware, Marky was diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease last year. He suffers with pain and mobility issues when the condition becomes inflamed, and unfortunately we have the knowledge, that some day he will end up in a wheel chair full time. The essence of it is that his immune symptom is attacking his skeletal system, and his spine is slowly calcifying until it will be unable to be flexible anymore. Think MS, but with bones instead of nerves.

{But we are so BLESSED right now, he isn’t having to deal with too many symptoms and we are able to live a pretty normal lifestyle, and this may be the case for many years} 

This is one big reason we both decided that have our family now was important. For the fact that Mark is mobile and can play with his offspring, and that he hasn’t transitioned over to hectic pharmaceuticals and so his health isn’t compromised by a strong medications.


So, because of this we have been health nuts on a strict diet, and because of cutting out all inflammatory and toxic foods for over a year our bodies were also primed for baby making.


I suffered with anorexia for many years, and just a couple of years ago landed in hospital with raptured cysts on my ovaries [PCOS]. Because of my history and Marks diagnosis, we thought that the baby making road was going to be a long one, but because we have spent a long time really trying to heal our bodies with nourishing food and movement, i believe it has been the total foundation of this journey, my lack of morning sickness and my vitality. 





The story above is meant to be like “Hey eat your greens and avoid anything in a plastic package… both of you” for a while before you begin trying   - Important to healthy baby making.


  •   The superfeast podcast with Tahnee and Mason also touch on the baby body preparation year in a beautiful two part podcast. Mark and i both resonate with TCM and  herbal remedies. The superfeast podcast covers many topics including pre pregnancy, the pregnancy term and post partum under a TCM framework. They are also both geniuses {as well as their guest speakers} and its been a FAV resource.  They go into herbs, vitamins and minerals that are important. Many of which I take intuitively and has been clarified by my doc as healthy habits for being an incubator. They go into interesting topics like Reishi babies which is an approach were taking. 


  • Also on podcasts, my sister and mumma friend Jami introduced me to the “Raising primates Podcast” this is for after the pregnancy journey but is so informative on baby lead parenting, different cultural norms, in present and past, she goes on journeys with anthropologists and compare primates to our own babes. Super interesting and juicy on all the alternative parenting topics.


  • Get an App. Even if you aren’t trying yet… Get an app. Figure out our cycle, when you ovulate, when is your “good and go get em” time of the month, and when the fuck to slow down. Many apps go from cycle tracking, to pregnancy tracking, to parenting.  { like the Ovia app} They are super resourceful and you get to have cute weekly updates like “now they have toes” and “don’t worry that weird symptom is totally norm”. As well as cute updates like this week they are the size of a fig, or a strange type of seahorse. 


  • Another superhuman i am totally OBSESSED with right now is Angella Gallo.  Fucking super mama who is a dynamic doula and self development BOSS. Her chats with her young daughter are so mesmerising and  showing new ways to speak to children around big topics. 


    • Birthing Choices.. We have chosen to birth with the Belmont Birthing Clinic here in Newcastle. They facilitate supportive natural births with a midwife team and host the publicly funded home birthing program. There are many of these programs situated across Aus. mainly in the bigger cities. You can research or ask your GP your if there is one near you, if it an option you'd like to consider. 



Books: So far my library consists of books that have been gifted to be to burrow and read.

These include:

  • Hygeieia - A womens Herbal  - Jeannine Parvarti
  • The Childbearing Year - Susus S. Weed
  • Ten Moons, The Inner Journey Of Pregnancy and Preparation for a Natural Birth - Jane Collings 
  • The Down to Earth Birth Book - Jenny Blyth
  • Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering - Sarah J. Buckley M.D.


Many of these books Tahnee goes into on the Superfeast podcast mentioned above. Many of them are also based in Australia, by Australian midwives and Doctors. So has relevant statistics and information regarding birthing naturally in Aus. As well as topics like ultrasounds, knowing what you want, making informed decisions, vaccinations, how the system works and how to have a healthy and magic birth.


Okay, thats all for now. But this resource will continue to be updated as this journey goes on. xox