We moved here, exhausted and rigid from 8 hours humming down the highway, listening to each others dreams and hopes for yet another adventure together far away from home. Our car filled  and bottom heavy like a perfectly played tetris game. With a nook for our browned eared pup to sniff and sleep on the backseat. 

We arrived when the sun had just past the horizon and the mosquitos come to fruition, driving up a steep driveway overgrown with banana trees and bamboo. We were welcomed,  firstly by a pack of dogs,  howling at new smells, followed then a flow of folk we call our gypsy familia. 

7 people reside here, in 5 little cabins all tucked into a hillside of dewy rainforest. Only Speckled lamplight streams through the trees to see our cabin ontop of the hill, only light dancing with the sway of the branches as the rest of the dark wood is invisible in the twilight.

A Trail of fairy lights lead us up the 8 stone steps covered in leaf litter, to our right sits two delapetated chicken coops, lost within the shrubbery and jasmine. Lost within decades of stillness.

The rainforest seems to encapsulate everything here.  The steps turn into a brick road covered with mildew and damp leaves.  that leads to a cabin, the perfect size for two. You can feel the 700 souls that have been here before us, dirty ash faded walls with, dishevelled furniture that hasn’t seen the sun this season, which grows old and with mildew, everything is covered in it.

 The sunshine hasn’t seen the inside of this house for a while now. 

The spider webs abandoned in the corners of the yellow walls, 

He cleared the trees from the gutters, grinning like a boy, a proud new resident of a dream with potential.

 i oiled the floors, and threw out all of those lives that lived in the objects that collected  old dust and fossilised insects that crumble to nothing. 

This was the first space we had ever gotten to call “ours” 

We moved here, 6 months ago. To the almost perfect silence, no cars, no vibrations of reception towers or wifi. The crow of the neighbours rooster on the other side of the valley, the scuffle of the lizard and the breeze that rustles throughout the paperbark gums


This is our home - a place where we lay seeds and watch them burst to life through the soil in which we love. 

A cabin we have transformed, and continue to transform as we do ourselves. 

Where are we based?

If you’re and Aussie, or if you’re from else where on this spinning globe - you’ve  probably heard of Byron Bay... were not there!... were about an hour north, close to the QLD and NSW border up in the hills of magic 

This is where I create, draw inspiration from, spend far to many days in an introverted sphere of creation and manifestation, it’s where we grown our own food, have great sex, paint the walls yellow and shower outdoors. 

We we have been living here for just under a year. In the perfectly isolated love bubble - It is a place and an area we now call home. 
















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