Ethical Ways Of Being - As A Business




Ethical ways to reduce our footprint as a small company on our planet. 



Why we have chosen to work with copper? 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE ethical and sustainably made silver and gold jewellery.

Though, for me, and a lot of people I know, we unfortunately can not afford these gorgeous jewels all the time. 

And this is why I have chosen to work with copper! 

Copper is a cheaper, and more accessible metal to work with that still has incredible results. And by working with copper I am able to make affordable ethical and sustainable jewellery for the common folk! 

(and my arms and eyes are always open for the possibilities of working with fine metals later on)

We’re Getting connected and bringing conscious thought for all of us ! We all know and understand the importance of needing to reduce our carbon footprint for the world. And I am a plastic free, ethically based, conscious of my actions young human that does my best for the world and the other people around me! 

So fuck yeah I am going to pass on that sustainable state of mind onto my business! How could I not!? 


We are certainly still learning ways to reduce our footprint, to be as conscious as possible and use what we have around us, recycle what we have and breathe into grounding ourselves with the intentions of mumma earth, who is supporting us through it all!
I am always happy to have these conversations, to hear of your own tips and what you do to reduce your footprint as a small business.


Some of the ways we reuse, reduce and recycle with Wander Scout  


. Copper works -

Recycling our copper wire from old electrical cables. We find these at the junk/tip shops and thrown out on street curbs. I’ve also been blessed with a creative mother that has gifted me a lot of wire I use in my pendants, to gather second hand and not buying from big companies and supporting unsustainable businesses as much as I can possibly do.



. Bones, bugs, crystals and the other cool things we use for our works -

The bones and bugs I have collected for our pendants have been found naturally deceased on beaches, in the bush, on the side of roads and any other numerous places we find nature’s skeletons. They are always sealed, cleaned and safe ! 

My massive thanks to friends and family that gift me old crystals, bones, bugs and things they do not need anymore, find or fossick themselves too, the gifting, passing on and recreating life for these objects is a magical part of this process. 

Our crystals ... I’d say 80% are hand fossicked, locally. 

They are beautiful raw Australian crystals that have been found naturally, in our riverways, with our hands, or hands of local humans that are earth conscious.

Have you thought of where our crystals come from, these darlings are safe from consumerist prices, and come from a loved space 

Unlike usual crystals we find polished and perfect in stores 

These babies have 

No mining, 

No shipping 

No slave labours 

No plastic packaging 

 They are Real, raw, magical stones. 


.Packaging - 

when you receive a package from us youll notice it comes in this funny black bag ! These bags are from the better packaging co. 

and here is a little blurb about them: 

I’m made from corn starch with a binding agent/resin added for flexibility.

And the best bit … I can be composted at home!

Yip, when you’ve finished using me, just put me in with your food scraps and garden waste, and before you know it, worms will be eating me for breakfast. Better for the environment, better for our oceans, a better tomorrow.”



How great is that!  


We purchased new recycled cotton bussiness cards, we've sourced more second hand bubble wrap to reuse (for you to reuse again too!), some biodegradable paper tape (in pretty patterns) and got some more recycled cardboard jewelry boxes!!! We LOVE helping support small ethical businesses that help our bussiness have a smaller eco footprint too 





There are other small ways we continue to be conscious with our brand, and hope that perhaps this helps you see ways you can help this cause too ! Let us know your feedback and let us open the conversation together! Im always up for knowledge sharing! 


Much loving.