Ethical Ways Of Being - As  A Business

Ethical Ways Of Being - As A Business




Ethical ways to reduce our footprint as a small company on our planet. 




We all know and understand the importance of needing to reduce our carbon footprint for the world. Wander Scout is a plastic free, ethically based, pro recycled materials bussiness. 



We are certainly still learning ways to reduce our footprint. Though we try our best to stay updated and accountable for the emissions we create as a business and a family. 


Some of the ways we reuse, reduce and recycle with Wander Scout  


. Metal works -


Silver and copper clay, our newest adventure. 

I was so thrilled when the news was brought to me that yet again, That I’ve found an incredible product that has sustainable and ethical practices in place.  This out of the box medium is made with recycled silver from the medical industry and x-rays. 


We recycle copper wire from old electrical cables. All the metals we use now are recycled except our chains are not, though we attempt to source them from Australian companies.  


. Bones, bugs, crystals and the other tings we use for our works -


The bones and bugs I have collected for pendants have been found naturally deceased from adventures. 

They are always sealed, cleaned and safe ! 

My massive thanks to friends and family that gift me old crystals, bones, bugs and things they  find or fossick.

The gifting, passing on and recreating life for these objects is a magical part of this process. 

When you see crystals in our works, they are about 80% are hand fossicked, locally by kindred people within our Aussie community. 

They are beautiful raw Australian crystals that have been found naturally, i use to collect and polish these myself though now have connected with some fossickers whole supply us.



.Packaging - 


We have sourced our packaging from The Better Packaging co. 
These guys also supply the stickers for postage and every little bit is compostable
The bubble wrap you will occasionally find has been recycled from other packages we receive. 
We use recycled cardboard jewellery boxes, luxe organic cotton business cards, and hand made envelopes from secondhand magazines and books. 

We ship with Sendle, a 100% carbon neutral shipping company that focus on sustainable delivery methods 




Much loving. 






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