A New Silver Journey.

Posted by Madeline Alcock on

If you’ve been following our journey closely lately you may have noticed me dropping a few hints about a new silver journey we are embarking on.


And my tribe, I am happy to announce that our  silvery sails have been set and the winds seem to be in the right direction.



Our silver works will begin, slowly but surely. Over the next coming months. To level up into working with a precious metal, is big and exciting and to be honest … a little daunting

We will be stepping up into the big league of precious metals that last forever. 

Here's a bit about this new and strange way we will be creating silver treasures 

The Silver we will be working with is a precious metal clay - Its a new-ish product that was created in Japan in the 90s.  Its a mode of silver smithing that isn’t very popular and known. Though an epiiiiic product.

It is made of powdered pure silver mixed with an organic binder that feels and works like clay. The clay is sculpted, then dried and fired at a high temperature via our tiny kiln at home. When firing the organic binder is burnt away, leaving only pure silver in its wake.Were blessed to have found this bizarre medium is created with recycled silver straight outta X-rays.

I was so thrilled when this news was brought to me that yet again, I’ve found an incredible product that has sustainable and ethical practices in place.

We will be birthing rings, pendants, and incorporating our new developments in silversmithing and soldering into a new range of Scout jewellery.

What would you like to see in silvery goodness?