3 New Series to start 2019 Right.


What are your goals and intentions this year? 

Grounding, remembering earthly delights, and praising our mother earth? 


Transformation, transitions, and stepping into a new life, shedding your cocoon? 

or maybe 

Finding your sacred Feminine self, your empowerment, your balance, compassion and fire, listening into your body, and living in the expansive world of emotion? 


There will be three new series launching in January of 2019. 

Three new themes, three new exciting passion projects i just cannot stop right now! 

If you have been following our instagram you'll know that a Flora and a Fauna collection will be gracing the store very soon. 

These two collections are both fulfilled through copper alchemising. Both of these collections, are collections of things I have found and foraged during the summer. All pendants go through an extensive process to end up gleaming in metallic goodness and ready for you all. 

To find out more on processes and all the good things. Check out the collections.


F L O R A.                 F A U N A. 


Our other collection that is a new announcement right here. is our Clay Collection. 

We are welcoming a new year in with 


7 pendants honouring, personifying and holding essences of 7 different greek goddesses - 

The Seven Sisters are the seven stars of the Pleiades. A cluster of stars within our cosmos. 

 These 7 stars hold archetypes of female empowerment that are fluid within us all - We can all resonate with different sisters, different stars depending on the time of life we are in. I am also cross referencing these 7 stars with our meridian lines aka charkras and the potent energy and metaphorically healing they hold.

This series I explore each of these archetypes, their metaphors and powers and recreate their essences in goddess form. Each time I create the goddess they will be MADE TO ORDER. please note that you will be purchasing what the goddess stands for, not the actual goddess pictured. The goddess pictured is to give you an idea of the colours, crystals and shape your own personal goddess will be in the future. 

Please also allow one week, 7 days for creation and firing. 

Read each caption under each goddess to find out in more detail their Greek myth story and what they represent you may be looking for what you need, who you resonate with now, or a goddess that you wish to manifest into, or need a guiding hand and reminder from.

Trust me, Trust the universe, Trust yourself and your purchase that your pendant will be made for you, with intention, love and what you need. 

You can find out more - and the sisters names and what they will be standing for here

G O D D E S S.